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Origin: This coffee consists of a blend of 80% Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala and 20% Indian Robusta.

Flavor profile: Buen Día Espresso has a bold flavor profile with intense notes of chocolate and caramel that provide a rich and full taste.

Roast: This coffee is roasted dark to reduce bitterness and emphasize the deep, rich flavors that are typical of a good espresso.

Acidity: Buen Día Espresso has a lower acidity, which makes it particularly smooth.

Body: The coffee has a full, dense body, which creates a creamy and velvety texture in the espresso.

Usage: Perfect for espresso machines, moka pots and also for making cappuccino, latte and other milky coffee drinks.

Coffee Buen Día Espresso Blend

100 Grams
  • For this reason, we do everything we can to offer only the best quality - from the bean to the cup. At Bajo Grande, we carefully select our coffee cultivation partners, because sustainable cultivation and fair conditions are just as important to us as our high-quality beans. Bajo Grande coffee is handcrafted in a small specialty roastery in Hamburg and packaged with great attention to detail. In order to guarantee fresh and unique coffee enjoyment, we ship the coffee within a few days after roasting. Because Bajo Grande stands for everything that is important to us: quality, fairness and sustainability.

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