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330g Bajo Grande's Costeño cheese

300g corn starch

50g cassava starch

50g sugar

2 eggs

20g baking powder

150ml milk

100g butter

2 to 3 liters of frying oil

Recipe (10 units)

Put 300g cornstarch in a large bowl and mix well with the coastal cheese. Then add the cassava starch and mix, as well as the sugar and mix again.

Add the two eggs and knead, then add the 100 g of melted butter and continue kneading.

Gradually add the milk until the dough has a consistency similar to plasticine (you may not need the whole 150ml).

Let stand for 30 minutes and then add the baking powder and knead well. The consistency is right if the dough does not stick to the hands when kneading and if there are no cracks when molding.

Heat the oil to approx. 150 ° C in a saucepan or pan.

Remove about 75 grams of the dough in portions and shape into balls.

To check that the oil is at the right temperature, add a small ball of dough. When the batter comes out in about 10 seconds, the oil is at the right temperature.

Add the remaining donuts to the oil and fry over medium heat until the donuts are golden brown and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside (approx. 13 minutes).

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