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At Bajo Grande, sustainable and fair business practices are one of our top priorities. We believe in the importance of keeping our planet clean and are therefore continuously seeking sustainability advantages in the way we operate, our packaging, and simply wherever we can. Preservation of the environment to us is a lifestyle choice, it is part of who we are and we take it very seriously.

In our tireless efforts to reduce waste we have come up with a way to make it easy for you, our customers to recycle packaging by returning it to us. We have organized a pick-up service for all Bajo Grande insulating material and icepacks so that they can be reused or recycled in compliance with the highest EU Food hygiene standards.

We're just starting out, we know that there is still more ground to cover and are committed to continue working on improving our packaging materials and sustainable practices.

Packaging return service

Complete the form below and we will make arrangements for the pick up of the packaging materials. Please be aware that you need to send at least 10 cool packs and feel free to use one of the Bajo Grande boxes from a previous delivery.

I would like to return insulating foil

Thank you!

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